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Madame Cherry

Master Technician / Owner

One of the most dedicated Non-Invasive Practitioner in the industry. Cherry is a massage therapist and a background in medical for the last 13 years. She holds multiple medical certifications. She has taken body contouring and post op care to the next level. Aretha is a proud mother of one. Cherry’s moto is " You could either like me or love me that your only two options” and she makes sure each client feel like the same way.

Madame Zion

Integrative Health Coach

Health and Nutrition Coaching

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes by following individual wellness programs to meet their client’s needs.

Zion has embraced a lifestyle change that will motivate generations after her. She has a dual role with The Glamorous Madame. She not only specializes in developing a customized plan of care with you, to support you in meeting your body and recovery goals, she also manages all the behind the scenes with operations, customer care and sales!

Madame Lauryn

Lead Mixologist/Owner of Exclusively Glamourous 

Lauryn has been with the Madame family since 2019. Lauryn has a passion for helping the mid, body and spirit of her clients through all-natural products. Her expertise in mixology and her training and education, along with her warm and uplifting personality, allow her to achieve optimal results for her clients.

Madame Char

Lead Non- Invasive Practitioner Tech

Char gives exceptional, quality service every time. Her results speaks for themselves. Char’s attention to detail gives her clients their desired results. Char specializes in our Brazilian Butt Lifts. Char understands just how to turn a booty into a beautiful derriere.

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